Travel Management Reports

Clear and comprehensive information empowers our clients to take fast action to improve spending.

A comprehensive travel reporting system allows you to create complex reports and graphs quickly and efficiently and is essential in order for our clients to control expenses, encourage, enforce and reward compliance with policy, negotiate with travel vendors, report to corporate management, lobby for or against change and conduct audits. 

Reservation Data Capture - Captures travel reservation information from multiple sources including any GDS or Cornerstone´s proprietary iQCX application allowing access to reservation data up to 365 days in advance of actual travel.

Back Office Data Capture

Captures travel reservation information directly from 3rd party or GDS back-office accounting systems.

Broadcast Report Scheduler - Enables the automatic delivery of standard and/or custom reports on a specified date and time.

Data Cleanser - Electronically audits and cleanses data captured through the back-office accounting systems.

Today´s business environment demands an increased attention to detail, particularly when it comes to expenses. With travel and entertainment being the third largest line item in a corporation´s budget it is imperative to have real time access to what is being spent and by whom.

Travel expense reports

Providing our clients Web access to accurate and up-to-date information on their travel spend is one of the most effective ways to illustrate our expertise and demonstrate our value.

Critical Business Issues Capabilities

  • Web access to 120+ standard and unlimited custom reports
  • 24/7 access to real-time consolidated global travel spend information
  • Supplier cost control with pre-travel spend analysis for use in vendor negotiations
  • Improved risk management with real-time notification of traveler location & status
  • Automated electronic delivery of standard and custom reports