Combining MileagePlus and OnePass programs

Before You Begin:

Customers who have a OnePass and MileagePlus account can link their accounts in order to combine award miles. Through a separate process, customers can also combine their elite qualifying activity or have their elite status matched. Although both of these processes appear similar, both are necessary. The following information will be needed in order to process the combination:

  1. Ensure that your OnePass and MileagePlus account information appear the same in each system
    • Names and Addresses must be an exact match
  2. OnePass and MileagePlus Account Numbers
    • Eight digits for OnePass and 11 digits for MileagePlus
  3. Be sure you know your OnePass PIN or password and your MileagePlus password

Steps 1: Link My Account

  1. Select one of the two Airlines: United or Continental
  2. Select one of the two frequent flyer programs and enter your account number and then your password. Click continue.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your other frequent flyer program information. Click continue.
  4. You have successfully linked your accounts and can now transfer award miles anytime you´d like by going to United or Continental. You will be prompted to enter one set of login credentials. Please proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Combine My Activity

This step will combine EQM/EQS for each program and may help achieve elite status. This also ensures status matching for existing elite customers.

  1. Select one of the two URLs: United or Continental
  2. Once you select one of the URLs above, you will see important information about registering your account.
  3. Select Register now. You will see a new screen that takes you to Register my Accounts. Select one of the frequent flyer programs; enter your account number and then your password.
  4. Enter your other frequent flyer program information. Click continue.
  5. You have now successfully requested your elite qualifying activity to be combined, and if applicable, your elite status matched.

If you are unable to link your account or receive an error message, this may be a result of data not matching in both accounts. (i.e. The name or address on your MileagePlus and OnePass accounts do not match). If that is the case, you can update your address online at or To update your name, or if your accounts match but you are still seeing this message, please call MileagePlus Customer Service at 800-421-4655 or OnePass Customer Service at 800-554-5522.