Understanding the State Department’s Travel Alert

Understanding the State Department’s Travel Alert for Europe

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For Americans planning a trip abroad, State Department advisories can be confusing. Terms that may sound similar actually mean very different things for travelers.

In March, the State Department issued a Travel Alert for Europe. Alerts are issued for short-term events that the U.S. government believes Americans should know about when planning a trip. The current alert expires on June 20.

Travel Alerts are quite different from Travel Warnings, which the State Department also issues. The two are completely separate categories and are not interchangeable.

Travel Alerts

An alert does not warn against travel to a particular region or country. The State Department is not warning against traveling to Europe but is alerting Americans to be aware of potential risks and to be vigilant, as always.

It’s important to understand that the recent Travel Alert for Europe is in keeping with the longstanding Worldwide Caution that has been in effect for more than a decade.

A State Department alert offers the type of advice that travelers should keep in mind whenever and wherever they go abroad. That includes

  • being aware of your surroundings
    • especially during festivals
    • in crowds and when using mass transit
  • being prepared for additional security screenings
  • monitoring information on the ground and factoring that into travel plans
  • following the instructions of local authorities
  • and ensuring that family members know how to reach you in an emergency

Smart Traveler Enrollment Program

As part of preparations for a trip abroad, Travel Leaders recommends that Americans follow the advice of the State Department and register their plans through the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

Enrollment will make it easier for the State Department to contact a traveler if there’s a family emergency, as well as alert travelers to important information about places where they’re heading. The State Department also has a helpful Traveler’s Checklist on its website.

The safety of our clients is the top priority for all travel agents, who want to ensure that your long anticipated vacation goes off without a problem.

We closely monitor the State Department website for alerts for all destinations, including the ones most popular with clients. They work with respected hotels, resorts, cruise lines, tour operators and others to keep informed about security precautions and to guard the safety of clients.

All travelers, no matter what country they visit, can take precautions to help ensure their safety.

Those steps include

  • following your instincts to avoid risky areas,
  • checking with tour guides and hotel officials about any large gatherings
  • respecting the laws of the country
  • avoiding the display of
    • expensive looking jewelry
    • large amounts of money
    • or other valuables
  • checking medical insurance to make sure it covers overseas care and if it doesn’t, consider buying travel insurance
  • checking with your cell phone provider to see if your phone is capable of roaming on international networks.

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