Connecting Online While On Vacation

While a vacation offers a chance to unwind and get away from the daily routine, many travelers want to stay connected online when they’re away from home. Some do for work, others simply out of preference.

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Travel Study, Staying Connected is Important

A study by Travel Leaders Group fond that about 94% of nearly 2,900 U.S. consumers polled have taken or will take at least one trip for leisure this year. But 62% of those travelers make it a point to check work emails and or voicemail while they’re on vacation. And staying connected is increasingly a necessity for travelers.

Only 37.7% said that they never check in with work, compared with 51.1% in 2014.

Accessing the Internet

Travelers may have trouble getting online in some more remote wilderness or mountainous areas. For example, the National Park Service advises visitors to Yellowstone that wifi service is limited and may become overwhelmed in the summer by the number of users.

But there are plenty of places across the United States and around the world where you can stay connected, whether you need to check in with work, check on a family member or simply wish to share photos and experiences with friends and family.

Connecting on a Cruise


For example, cruise lines have been working to upgrade their internet capability. Packages and costs vary, but your travel agent can offer advice on getting the best one for your needs. Just remember that the connection speed may not always be as fast at sea as it is on land.

Royal Caribbean boasts that its wifi service, called VOOM, is the fastest Internet at sea, thanks to satellite technology that targets each specific ship, rather than trying to cover a wide expanse of ocean.

Passengers can use smartphones, tablets and laptops to text and email, as well as share photos on Facebook and Instagram, stream music and movies and video chat via FaceTime or Skype.

Norwegian Cruise Line has 24-hour Internet cafes, or passengers can use their own laptops.

Crystal Cruises offers an hour of complimentary Internet access per person per day for deluxe stateroom and penthouse passengers on the Symphony and Serenity.

In The City

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City centers usually offer good cell phone reception with few dead spots and are a great choice for travelers who need to get online easily. They also tend to be more wired for wifi.

Just be sure to look into an international data plan from your cell phone provider if you’ll be traveling abroad.

Almost every hotel, whether it’s in a city or resort area, will provide wifi. Some chains offer free access for guests who belong to their rewards clubs, or they may offer it for specific brands within the chain.

Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide provide free wifi to all guests on an unlimited number of devices.

Fairmont Hotels are even compatible with Virtual Private Networks, which offer users a secure, encrypted connection. Even most airports offer wifi connections, so you can stay connected while waiting for takeoff.

If staying connected while on vacation is a necessity, your travel agent can recommend the accommodations that will work best for you.