A Global Travel Agency

The Travel Leaders global network is known the world over as a trusted source for travel services. With more than 1,000* travel and foreign exchange service locations in more than 80 countries on six continents. Travel Leaders is a recognized industry leader in global travel services.

Global travel agency

International Travel Services

Travel Information — Passport information, inoculation requirements, customs, weather, currency exchange rates, Travel Leaders Travel and Foreign Exchange Services locations.

Travel Assistance - Emergency cash advances, emergency translation assistance, lost luggage assistance and emergency message relay.

Legal Assistance - Legal referrals, advance of bail, guarantee of legal fees.

Medical Assistance - Physician referrals, emergency medical referrals, advance payment to medical provider, medical transportation/evacuation arrangements.

*Disclaimer: Global Assist Hotline is a referral service, and in any kind of life-threatening emergency, we recommend that you seek immediate help on the scene before calling us.

Actual emergency medical treatment and legal counseling will be offered to Cardmembers through local providers and Travel Leaders is not responsible for the acts or omissions of the providers.

Card members are responsible for the service fees of local providers, such as doctor and hospital bills. Global Assist Hotline is provided by Mercury International.

International Cell Phone Purchases or Rentals

You can purchase cell phones that works internationally, in over 120 countries, pre-paid with no contracts and no surprise bills or long term contracts.

Global Phone Cards

Each phone card is prepaid, rechargeable, can be used in 150 countries and can save up 70% on international calls.

Enroute Services Program

(ESP) would be a great benefit to travelers. ESP representatives may be pre-arranged in most countries. Among the services are:

  • International airport meet and greet
  • Emergency cash advance (requires confirmation from US agency)
  • Revised travel arrangements
  • Tour and entertainment bookings
  • Consultation on local travel customs
  • Business services (translations, secretarial services, etc.)

Whether Quality Services has travelers going abroad, or entire international divisions or affiliates, Williamsburg Travel Management has the resources to support your global travel needs.
*Not all services available in all locations