Travel GPA Reports & Analytics

Travel GPA quickly identifies the strengths and opportunities of a travel program. It then makes recommendations on key areas where a corporation or agency can drive savings.

travel gpa reports

Corporate Travel Reports

Travel GPA goes several steps beyond traditional corporate reporting to answer the following questions:

  • How are you performing today within your travel program?
  • What areas are you doing well, and which areas could you improve upon?
  • Have you been trending in a positive or negative direction in each area?
  • How do you compare against your user-defined peer group (companies of similar size, region, industry, travel policy)?

Your Travel Report Card GPA Metrics

Select any number of meaningful travel metrics (7-day advance booking, accepting the lowest fare, online booking adoptions etc.) and have your company´s travel program graded vs. others in the country, your geographic area, your industry, your spend level, etc.

Travel GPA® offers the most actionable information in the travel industry, equipped with the largest travel analytics database and more than 90 key performance metrics.

Analyze the impact of policy changes in real time, any time to see how traveler behavior is equating to savings and decide the action to take to steer your program to ultimate success.